spirit of my love…

i see you
in the night sky
outlined in a pattern
of stars
i hear your voice
when the wind
blows through
the tall pines
i feel your lips
against mine
when the rain falls
gently in the spring
and yet
i feel alone
as i walk
from day to day
a shadow
cast by my own

18 thoughts on “spirit of my love…

  1. how sad… once again i am brought to the realization that not everything lasts forever and once again i am saddened

  2. it was sad.. but so beautiful…
    I guess memories of loved ones will stay with us for a looooong time… and sometimes, our own pleasant memories of the past tend to jog beside us for a quite a while… and yet, the loneliness persists…

    That longing is very well expressed, Charles…

  3. Such beauty in this one – amazing how we can see and hear people we love in the world around us and in nature…strange also how we often let shadows from yesterday ruin our enjoyment of things xx

  4. Keep the stars in our sight and the winds of the pine in your ears and especially the kisses of memory that the rainfall brings and know that you are not alone….. such a beautiful , sad,heartfelt piece. Joy to you.

  5. I read this as relating to something bigger, than a person, that you see in nature – a connection with a spriituality but not enough to rid a person of feelings of doubt. Great poem Charles.

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