don’t let the door…

copyright cwmartin 2011

after you’ve finished
ranting and raving
about how unfair
life has treated you
told the last person
who will listen
all your misfortunes
on your way out
you could take
a moment
to explain
to the child
in north korea
why they’re
always hungry
and to the ones
in angola
what happened
to their mothers
and fathers
you could even
take a second
out of your miserable day
to tell
the little hmong child
why they’re surrounded
by razor wire
of course
that is
if you

20 thoughts on “don’t let the door…

  1. True it is always wise to keep things in prespective and understand that no matter where you are in your day, light, experience there is always others worst off however one cannot negate one’s own experience, hurt, affliction, demoralization because others suffer.

    There will always be those that are worst off, those that are better off, those that care and those that won’t give a damn. We must be mindful not to trivialize someone’s experience just because it does not seem significant in comparison to another, to do that is to indulge in an erasure that we who are conscious of the acute suffering around the world are trying to prevent others from doing when either their gazes collides upon those that experience daily intolerable suffering or are made to watch by those of us who won’t let them turn away in denial or forget.

    As we exercise compassion and empathy for those less fortunate we must also extend that compassion and empathy for those that are not for it is only when we do so is when they are likely to pay attention, lend an ear and rise up to participate in the aid of those less fortunate. To negate them, their experience by scolding them like children is to create resistances that will have them turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the course of other human suffering.

    provactive piece….
    Stay blessed.

  2. ha – we all know these people who complain from morning to evening…and sometimes i just have to look in the mirror to see one….ouch…. thanks charles for the reminder to be thankful…

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  4. It’s sad how we all sometimes get to complain about silly things, when as you said here, there are kids starving, being killed! I’ve done it too, in the past, complaining about meaningless “troubles” like a spoiled brat, until one day I discovered, that one of my online friends I’ve been communicating for years is actually paralyzed and for life on a chair, with many health problems and yet, for the 3 years of friendship never had I receive anything else but a smile and a good word! That moment was a … let’s say a turning point …
    I loved the words and the blue door! Jamie Dedes recommended your blog, she was right you are a writer with capital W. Good day!

  5. How true – there are billions on this planet, many of whom have such awful situations to deal with on a daily basis – and yet we ‘dare’ to complain about our lot. There’s no comparison to the silly things we put so much energy into complaining about xx

  6. Getting out of yourself and helping the broken is very powerful. I’ve been on three different trips to countries that when you see the pain of so many chidden you break for them and wish you could do more than love and water and shelter…. It’s heartbreaking. Yet, too, I don’t think we should dismiss are own pain either… I came from a family where I was not allowed to eat for days sometimes weeks… I was abused and tortured… I’m learning that using my voice not only helps me heal it shows that others that don’t have a voice yet, that they are not alone. I know that their are places in our world where suffering is more than I experienced as a child… I also don’t think we should put pain on a weighing scale… No matter the degree of pain it’s still hurts our soul… And for those who climb out of the ashes are some of the best advocates for the brokenhearted people of the world.

    Holding a dying baby in your arms only because there was no food…. Seems too tragic and unfair:( to go help others is a soul opening experience that you realize it could be soooo much worse…. But you still mater and it’s okay to share your own pain…. Just don’t dwell in it. And unless you’ve been in ones shoes, how could you possibly understand why ones misfortunes is or is not fair? I think it’s unfair to place such judgment.

    Just using my voice in love and peace…

    I think you are a very talented writer and stop by and comment often…

    • What you’ve described is true pain…not the pain of having to wait in line for a cup of coffee or being stuck in a traffic jam, etc…thanks for you wonderful comment…Peace be with you.

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