better off…

copyright cwmartin 2011

i hate it
when they stand
above my grave
recalling things
i’ve never said
nor even considered
and listen to
all those lame
they didn’t have
to stop by
for a visit
when i was alive
you’d think
they’d have
the decency
not to put out
their cigarettes
on my head
and why
in the world
would you not
wear underwear
when visiting the dead
i swear
i was better off

20 thoughts on “better off…

  1. This is great, I needed a good chuckle today..thank you.
    I also want to say thank you for always being so kind to read my posts and comment. I am grateful for your words and your kindness.

  2. Awesome write Charles! I always find it strange that folks ‘show their respects’ when they barely spoke to the deceased in their life….we humans are strange creatures xx

  3. Brought a smile and a laugh to me! This is a very well done change of perspective on a problem that seems more and more prevalent. Kind of reminds me of the opening scene of Gran Torino.

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