dark chapters #7…

i have been wondering
when you would realize
that these chapters
have no end
for they are written
with a pen flowing
with the hatred in human blood
blood graffiti
marring the streets
every inhabited space
on this planet
there is no
angel of death
there is no
for one
when men are
so true
to satanic tenets
as they
have always been
blind to the reality
that they are
am merely
their excuse
and so it was
on the seventh day
of satan

21 thoughts on “dark chapters #7…

  1. pretty astounding how you described the blood on walls of the slain as graffiti.
    Graffiti caught my eye, since I recently saw the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

  2. What to say, except we must all look at ourselves…. I enjoyed this series of 7 of the dark chapters that will go on… I like that you chose 7 and the red print is very effective as well.

  3. well, i too believe that Devil is inside human beings. He doesnot exists outside.

    We should admit it and try not to give excuses for our own cruelties.

  4. I am glad I read all your “dark chapters” in one sitting,… the benefit of being away for a bit. They are fine stand-alone pieces, but together cast an even more powerful shadow. Powerful, and disturbing, and all too sadly relevant.

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