dark chapters #6…

i have used
shards of glass
from bombed out
and churches
to create
a kaleidoscopic reality
symmetric patterns
of half-truths
reflected on mirrors
of fear
constantly changing
in meaning
patterns of perception
depending upon
who turns the wheel
and so it was
the sixth day
of satan

16 thoughts on “dark chapters #6…

  1. have read them now…and love the idea – you are really clever charles – take the mirror and look at things from the other side. incredible

  2. I believe there is a hypothesis that satan was created on the sixth day. In my view Genesis is not definitive in this.

    Nevertheless, the connection with your poem is interesting and seems to me to explore whimsies, facts that are not facts, the “constantly changing” meanings of the various religious self interests.

    I’m intrigued by your writing, which I guess is the reason for it. You pose questions and make observation without offering any particular insights, leaving that chore instead to your many readers. A form of Egalitarianism I subscribe to.

    Thanks for your often moving series of pieces. I have enjoyed them very much.

  3. What is this with the dark thing??? I’m getting caught up in it.

    Must be a cloud havering too close to reality
    A great mosaic of words Charles

  4. This is by far the best of this series so far, and one of the best I have read by you! The connections drawn here are powerful and cause a great deal of thought.

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