hawk chronicles #12…

copyright cwmartin 2011

as night falls
i stare
into the approaching darkness
i can smell the fear
thick as fog
locking their doors
not from the beast
of the night
but from
each other

19 thoughts on “hawk chronicles #12…

  1. You bet, Charles! We humans seem to have created a place scarier than the jungles and forests! Cuz we don’t even follow the rules of the jungle.. we humans seem to nurture our own seething laws of hatred and revenge within ourselves.. and that’s worse than the wild animals in the jungle.. (sigh)

    Really liked how you conveyed this in your poem, my friend..

  2. Lovely poem!
    I’m really loving this series of poems, they all express so much, and the specific medium of the hawk brings a new element to the words ‘visual stimulus’. The pictures are amazing!

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