hawk chronicles #3…

copyright cwmartin 2011

each day
i see you
struggling to move
along the rugged
path of innocence
leaning upon emptiness
a sacrificial offering
on the altar of belief
hold fast
to terra firma
never daring
to take flight
tho the flames
rise all around

15 thoughts on “hawk chronicles #3…

  1. What a vivid and beautiful poem, and the picture (which I assume you took) is amazing. You posted a note on one of my recent poems, and I’m glad you did. This blog is magnificent. I look forward to spending some time here.
    Thank you!

  2. This one could be interpreted in more ways than one…. I wonder what you thinking as you penned this one…
    This hawk is such a stand out against the saturated blue… what a treasure to have caught these on camera…

  3. “the rugged / path of innocence” — how well we, who believe what others tell us, know this trail through the wilderness not of our making. Nice, Charles.

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