listen to me-i’m a doctor….

i find
it curious
that no one
has taken the time
to tell you
are dead
that lack
of strength
is not due
to an illness
if you’ve
a miracle cure
you know
some unknown drug
from the amazon
that’s not going
to happen
the amazon has either been
flooded for industrial hydropower
or torched
to provide fodder
for cattle
even if they did find it
still dead
i know
they promised you
a recovery
but listen to me
you’re dead
a dead

12 thoughts on “listen to me-i’m a doctor….

  1. Yup, we have an economy like that over here, too. And our ‘leaders’, who keep telling us we have to accept this cut and that cut in order to revive it don’t seem to grasp it was DOA. Or willing to tackle the people and practices who bled it to death in the first place. Great post as always, Charles.

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