translation please…

for a while
I was certain
that god
spoke latin
i mean
why else
would they teach it
in almost every school
i began to think
since all our money
in god we trust
that it must be
but which dialect
because given
all the harsh words
between religious folks
surely there’s a difference
between southern
ways of speaking
but the problem
became even more confusing
when I realized
that people
all over the world
were praying
in their own language
most of them must be wrong
given all the world conflicts
so i’m certain
there must be just one language
we must use
to get through to god
what language

16 thoughts on “translation please…

  1. All those “one”, “the ONLY one”, the way, the only way–could it be that all the languages are really only one?
    And if everyone is praying–then who is doing all the war-ring? I’m having issues with politicians who spout spirituality–is this an oxymoron?

  2. Good one! Even in my own ancestry, same religion, I find god understood, first, Dutch-and-only-Dutch; a century and a half later it was German-and-only-German; now, several centuries down the road it turns out he understands English in addition to Dutch, German, etc. Seems god can learn new languages when he has to… or should I say, when we give him permission. 😉

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