pinball wizard…

standing before the pews
with both hands
on the altar
he raises his hands
in the air
and begins to work
the religious flippers
bringing tears of joy
and witnesses galore
as his words pinball
through the well dressed
congregation of brothers and sisters
the amens and hallelujahs
are punctuated
with chords of music
from the choir
like the bells and whistles
of a game machine
and the parishioners light up
as they hear what god
has in store for them
but the pastor hits tilt
when he mentions
one of

22 thoughts on “pinball wizard…

  1. Oh, that pinball wizard – I’ve known a few of those in my life… Funny, they can spot a sin a mile away in someone else, but when it comes to their own, can’t see past their nose. Guess that’s different…

  2. hmm, great analogy. I’ve actually thought some pretty similar things beofre. I’m impressed by your poetry (: i admire your style and like the feel of your poems. definitely gonna subscribe (:

  3. Love it… Love the song by The Who too… this reminds me of the whole “Tommy” movie…

    “His disciples lead him in and he just does the rest, he’s got crazy flipper fingers, never seen him fail, that deaf, dumb and blind kid… sure plays a mean pinball!”


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