in that moment…

copyright cwmartin 2011

the fragrance
of a memory
sudden spring showers
a country road
tall grass
to a gentle breeze
blue eyes blurred
with tears
a story told
a hand extended
then embraced
the sharing of all
the holding tight
to what
will never be

16 thoughts on “in that moment…

  1. ‘the fragrance
    of a memory
    lingers’ – that’s a fantastic beginning – really love this poem, beautiful and evocative (and sad) – the ending is perfect too (so many people hold on to what can never be – me included).

  2. I thought the first three lines were my favourite until I got to the last three. Now not sure. Beautifully expressed.

  3. beautiful and touching charles. some of the most beautiful things linger only in our memories- sometimes to make us smile and some times they make us sad.

  4. The sadness and emotion in this one gets to me. The way you infuse nature with love and respect is IMO a great aspect to the poem (e.g. tall grass bowing)

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