once there were cowboys…

copyright cwmartin 2011

those lights
once lit up
the night sky
for miles
a small corral
became an arena
where western gladiators
marshaled the strength
to bring down
bulls to the ground
while wide-eyed children
memorized each move
to practice on family pets
no need to ask for
some foreign beer
it was budweiser
or nothing at all
except for
the occasional
miller lite
smuggled in
by some tourist
those fancy
filtered cigarettes
not only raised eyebrows
but smiles
but land developers
and county officials
eager for progress
as measured by profit
have turned off the lights
only the lingering scent
of wet leather
can be found
this place now holds
only the ghost
of christmas past

11 thoughts on “once there were cowboys…

  1. Sad for the cowboys, glad for the animals. And I used to love stampedes as a little girl – even though I could not bear to watch “man-against-beast” productions!

  2. Love this, Charles; makes me wish I’d been there, and feel I actually was. To my infinite regret, ‘cowboy’ was obviously never a career option over here. Had it been, I’m pretty sure I know what I’d have done.

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