acme fresh air corp…

you need not open
the window
there is nothing to breathe
out there
our company sells
bottled air
all in different flavors
mountain spring
summer’s breeze
fresh falling rain
all the things
you may recall
from your youth
when there was
an earth
don’t open
the window
we can’t afford
to lose

18 thoughts on “acme fresh air corp…

  1. Great to have you back with us, Charles – especially when you come bearing gifts like this. Unfortunately I’m still a tiny, tiny cog in this machine (see my post ‘A necessary evil’) but at least, as poets, we can fight back with our words. Another super poem.

  2. That will be the next step, huh? First they own the water. Next the air. And what’s left of both will be poison. I hope we get a handle on things before that.

    Nice work. “Acme” makes me smile. Remember when “Acme” and “Ace” and such were such popular names for small businesses. I think they were trying to be first in the phone book, if not in service! Ha!

    Saw your “Sorry” note. Hope all is well …

  3. Sardonic chuckle emerges – I can’t control it

    Bottle air, bottled water, bottled reality
    what next

    Ah you hit this nail directly on the head!!!

  4. charles, you painted the greed of industrialism/capitalism perfectly.

    there was a time we could pluck a vegetable from garden, wash it and eat it. Now…

  5. Ha! I love that ending–don’t breathe the polluted air and die because we WANT your cash! LOL. Great, Charles. No need to “answer” moi. I’m good. Save your energy for other folks.

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