a simple matter of understanding…

any other
fortune teller
i had ever met
no crystal ball
just a mirror
handed to me
while saying
stare into the mirror
at your face
into your eyes
you must go
much deeper
she insisted
to where your soul
you can see
your future
it is
your fate
to change

18 thoughts on “a simple matter of understanding…

  1. Excellently put, Charles! This fortune teller is the truest of ’em all… and no hocus-pocus either…
    It all lies in our hands… it’s up to us how we want to shape this putty…

  2. Hi Charles .. definitely life is up to us .. I love the way you write this so simply .. it is simply understanding – as you title the post .. look deeply into the mirror of your soul ..

    Thank you – Hilary

  3. Love it, Charles, and I like this fortuneteller, not pretending to be god, not raking in the dough to tell people what they want to hear… Yes, truth is there inside us if/when we care to look.

  4. Really effective imagery here: by changing the crystal ball into which only the fortune teller looks… changing that to a mirror into which the visitor looks. Solid message about looking deep deeper to see ourselves and future — unless we decide to change it. Great work.

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