all saints day…

as you
have noticed
my attendance
at the save-your-soul dealership
could be
as a rare sighting
that point aside
i have
been wondering
’bout something
seeing that
i’m no theologian
i was wondering
given your attendance record
if you could
shed some light on something for me
here’s the rub
i read in old days
those barbaric pagans
had lots of gods
each one
prayed to for
different reasons
or because of their tribe
i’ve noticed
folks have a lot
of different statues
that they pray to
instead of directly
to god

15 thoughts on “all saints day…

  1. Wonderful poem Charlie, raising a very good question.

    It is believed by the Catholic Church that we can pray with the Saints and they will pray alongside of us. The statues or Icons that Catholic people use are just visual reminders. People can identify with certain Saints and what that Saint represents from when he or she lived. It is totally different to back in the tribal days and the Greek mythological Gods.

    Love Jo 🙂

  2. Very good questions posed. You must really ponder why the idea of multiple God’s is ‘wrong’ and that praying to multiple saints is different. Really liked the Flow of this one.

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