majority vote…


out on the street
they have decided
to cast their votes
no paper ballots
or hanging chads
this time
rioto complicate
the matter
just a large number
of warm bodies
crowding into a square
where their unified voice
be heard
the movement
as they call it on the news
doesn’t really have
a single voice
just a unified complaint
and if he goes
then what
a fragmented
turns upon
to feed

15 thoughts on “majority vote…

  1. This will most definitely get a re-read in the morning…
    and the graphic you chose has me wondering, so now i know that i will sleep with the company of interesting dreams, as i try to figure out if a solution or resolution to one voice is more productive if it leans on another
    or not.
    me is sleepy and me brain’s already spent, so i’ll read this after i’ve replenished and will comment more articulately!

  2. Excellent question you ask at the end, Charles. Too few people think about the ‘what then’ part. What may look like freedom now may end up a worse form of slavery (so to speak), as history argues again and again for those who are willing to listen.

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