while the capital burned…

as i walked
  within the burning maze
  of plague ridden streets
staring at statues
  of dreams deferred
reading plaques
  engraved with
  now forgotten hopes
  a  god
  thought dead
  by political pundits
i saw
a freshly painted

13 thoughts on “while the capital burned…

  1. I feel like I’m in a hazy smoke filled center and I can’t see what is real and what is surreal. you paint a gruesome view with your words my friend. i want to shield my eyes but you force me to look.

    Thank you
    La Luna

  2. irony….final thought leaving the reader to provide the ultimate puncutation….i am captured by the walk through the beginning….ironically as well, perhaps released from my worries by the final lines which make me think perhaps there is nothing I can do

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