the quality of mercy is not strain’d…

the army
issued coat
metal plate
and bolts
in his back
are the only
reminders of
regular meals
he watches
as you approach
and toss
a conscious coin
into the guitar case
then watches you
blend into
the upholstery
of your beemer
did you really
he didn’t see that smirk
greater than thou
are you so vain
that you believe
you got
you are
without the blood
and toil
of others
go ahead
do it again
lip sync
those emotions
and words
there but for
the grace…

19 thoughts on “the quality of mercy is not strain’d…

  1. Such a deep message portrayed…freedom always comes at the cost of others. As such, we need to respect EVERYONE around us, for we don’t know the part they played…

    Thanks for another thought-provoking poem Charles.

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