shock jocks and other misfits…

their acidic words
poured out of the radio
onto the surface of the brain
melting away all reason
leaving corroded thoughts
of life
and purpose
and then
the synapses

21 thoughts on “shock jocks and other misfits…

  1. Well done, Charles. Now, if language has the power to influence negative actions how do we use it to influence Positive acts? Thanks for your thoughtful comment at my blogcasa about humans as ticking time bombs. Unfortunately one of our human time bombs exploded in AZ. What are we as a people going to do to defuse other such bombs?

  2. Oh wow!! Succinct, but so very tight!
    The amount of (unwanted) spewing that happens on the media these these is killing! Your poem brings out this issue really well, C.. bravo!

  3. Okay, now I know who stole the One Shot Wednesday mic! lol Excellent word choices throughout. Written with great precision. Cheers, Charles

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