boxing night in wales…

the night
was the color
of velvet
of light
wove patterns
of fear
into their eyes
as they stood
into the dark
for safe return
knowing there
would be none
had begun
all were lost
the sea
once again
had claimed
its prize
a son
a husband
a father
would not
the treasures
beneath the tree
nor would they
ever see
a child’s delight
upon this
holy night
nor would
one person
hear their pleas
for god
to spare
the rod

22 thoughts on “boxing night in wales…

  1. A beautiful and sorrowful piece my friend.
    Loss never makes sense

    Thanks my Welsh friend just lost her Dad it speaks to the pain

  2. Ack… a tight read!!! Faith can extend to a particular limit.. after that, it’s a test of everything else too I guess…
    An excellent (albeit sad) portrayal of reality, C.. kudos!

  3. Hi Charles .. that’s a very evocative, sad poem – so true though of seamen through the ages .. the sea can be as cruel as life itself … with thoughts – Hilary

  4. 😥
    it always tugs more at our heartstrings when death happens near a “special day”, but death is sad at any time for those left behind…

  5. Beautifully written and so sad.

    Also found it really interesting in one of your commens to find out what the “SLP” stands for 😀 I love finding out more about my fellow bloggers – not that I am a stalker or anything, you understand! lol 😉

    Hope you are having a wonderful 2011 so far 😀 xx

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