the final reformation…

and it came to pass
long after
the ark
of the covenant
the holy grail
had been offered
to unite the world
that the pharisees
from each religion
the heretics of humanity
from each government
made a pilgrimage
as the new year began
to the canton of zurich
and beneath the shadows
of the valley
in darkness of their souls
they moved in unison
like an invading army
into an unholy chapel
each connected together
by an umbilical cord
of greed and deceit
and they bowed down
and offered

human sacrifices
before the altar
praying to

25 thoughts on “the final reformation…

  1. oh, if this wasn’t so true, it could be a play put on for the King of Glutony and the Queen of Pleasure to rejoice in the marvel of their new toys and how they proceed, like marionettes, to march to their own demise! Wonderful imagery here, Charles!

  2. Religion, politics, money – they can all fuel anger and frustration and cause havoc in the world…each causing division in their own, often similar, ways. Shame we cannot live in a world where all were done away with somehow…

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