a merrier christmas…

there was no need
to study the life line
coursing down the palm
of her hand
to know
of her past
one need only
to count the scars
on her face
stitches added
over the years
but this christmas
was different
she was alone
in the house her father built
atop a mountain
miles from the city
she thought she loved
in a one room cabin
with a small tree
adorned with left over
but each one
was placed with love
upon those branches
and she
felt loved
not by a man
but by
a simple

22 thoughts on “a merrier christmas…

  1. Such a balance of tensions in your poem between what may include scars of memory and a resonating hope for the future… makes me think she discovered an inner peace. Great reading too, Charles.

  2. Love the image you have posted with this one Charles.

    My heart felt great sorrow for this woman, until she was able to get away from the brutality that she had experienced in life and was able to look forwards towards a brighter future – based on the wonderful message of Christmas. Thanks for sharing xx

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