her gift…

his only present
under the barren tree
was wrapped
like all their children’s
and he wondered
she had broken
her word
that they would
gifts this year
since they were
just to get
each child a gift
as he opened the gift
he smiled
for the box
was empty
it contained

31 thoughts on “her gift…

  1. I should have written that. Though there might be additional boxes for the kids.

    fitting for our economic blight
    hits kinda close to home

  2. Everyone in this world secretely wishes for that empty box, Charlie.

    Merry Christmas dearest Friend and thank you for being in our lives!

    Jade and Vlad

  3. Ah…simply beautiful. This one made me smile and it certainly reflects the financial times we’re all going through these days. If we could all give empty boxes filled with love, the world would be a much better place in which to live xx

  4. As I read this…it made me want to crawl back into my bed and snuggle up next to my still-sleeping husband…we have had many Christmases just like this…and love has bound us together, year after year.

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