special offer…

dear sir

or madame
we are pleased
to extend to you
a special offer
made once each year
in world cities
with some
local holiday or custom
it is totally free
and has no associated
shipping cost
totally free
designed just for you
we’re sending you
a free sample of faith
to begin the new year
although it’s free
it is in limited supply
try it out
over the next thirty days
those who’ve tried our product
days without fear
reduced stress
feeling their best
decreased depression
a sense of being able
to change the world
even if in
only small ways
order now
and we’ll throw in
a free sample of hope
all at no cost to you
please note
the product
may be
habit forming

19 thoughts on “special offer…

  1. This one is quiet clever. I really liked the part:
    “those who’ve tried our product
    days without fear
    reduced stress”

    Reminded me of a study I read a couple years ago about how radical religious people show a reduced brain capacity towards reacting to fear as a stressor.

  2. Love these words .. life is free, our thoughts are free, we can smile, give care and show compassion at this time of year and keep on going .. all for free – great thoughts – Hilary

  3. Love this one, Charles! Especially the reminder that faith and hope are FREE–a notion that knocks me over the head with realization this morning as I head out to shop–to face the retail jungle!
    Faith and Hope to you, as well,

  4. How much do these little “purple pills” insuring faith & hope cost??? Or are they colored red & green for the “holy days”?
    ……tip toeing out of the blogcasa now very carefully………

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