a victim of self…

she had
so carefully
woven her crown
of thorns
from her beliefs
binding each row
with the twisted twine
of her sense
of worthlessness
wearing it
with olympian pride
year after year
turning water
into wine
that others would drink
while she hung thirsty
upon a cross
carved with her own hands
hands she marked
so her tormentors
would know where
to place the nails
and yet
she knew not
what she

22 thoughts on “a victim of self…

  1. brilliant as always, capturing that part of inner senseless martyrdom so well. Thanks for your wonderful words that touch. In case i don’t venture back here before 2011 may you enter it gently surrounded by love and may it be a year that lifts you up, look forward to seeing abook of your poetry. As i Look forward to more of your words. Thank you also for your generous comments this year on my site and for your support. It has meant a lot to me, i hope you are well, and well looked after, viv x

  2. This is incredible, well, incredibly insightful, and thought-provoking – I think to some extent or at one time or another we all are or have been victims of ourselves, and some have certainly played the role to perfection. I agree with Jamie’s observation (question) that selflessness may be the ultimate self-centeredness. Very powerful poem indeed.

  3. Hi Charles .. woven her crown of thorns from her beliefs .. don’t we do that too often .. very thought provoking .. for she knows not what she had done …

    Moving poem .. a victim of self … thanks – Hilary

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