the tattoo…

it started
just below her ear
and coursed down
her neck
covering parts of her breast
winding like a politician’s words
to  her back
vining down her leg
it was there
for all to see
it protected her
from her own teachings
of love thy neighbor
she was willing to die
for those who shared
the same tattoo
but those
whose markings
were different
were to be
guarded against
kept away
and shown
                                                           no mercy
                                                            in battle
                                                           that they had children
                                                             and husbands
                                                              lying dead
                                                              in the rubble of life
                                                               was not her concern
                                                                for they did not have
                                                               the tattoo of  god
                                                            she saw

21 thoughts on “the tattoo…

  1. Too too good!! LOVED the metaphor…
    Such is the sad state of this world we are living in now though (sigh)
    A great message conveyed in the most powerful manner, Charles!!
    (tearful applause)

  2. Wow–this is amazing! I love your work–what medium did you use in the piece above?

    I’m looking forward to getting back to the US for a couple of weeks, both so I have access to my poems, but also so I have the bandwidth to upload photos and images. Here in Haiti it’s close to impossible.

    My visual stuff is mostly mixed media, collage, assemblage, with some color pencil/pen and ink/painting at times.

  3. Powerful lines drawn
    in respect of how far one can cross
    the lines of one’s life! This has many meanings,
    depending on what one is going thru, has come out of and what is to come!
    You set a nice stage for some good ole fashioned thinking here!

  4. Interesting. Very interesting – I love the use of the tattoo for that metaphor. Very striking, very heavy piece – from that very first image description of “winding like a politician’s words” it socks you out of any pretensions of simplicity in the poem, opens the mind to the waiting depth and potency of the piece. A cruel world we live in, true – and your poem, and your tattooed woman certainly capture that.

  5. Oh, well done! – better have the ‘right’ god’s tattoo or else… It all sounds so silly, doesn’t it, when set down straight, bluntly, like you do. Like an arrow of truth piercing the veil of duality.

  6. It’s a double treat, Charles to learn that you worked on the photo to achieve that effect and that your poem brought out our propensity to build our own gods so deftly.

    (I’m behind…will be going over your past posts. I don’t want to miss the depths you evoke.)

  7. Really amazing poem. I was thinking it was discussing racism til the last few lines. You always have such a good hook in these then the end always brings that question in the mind to ease.

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