i was just wondering….

do souls
come in different
i mean
i’ve heard that
they grow
so it must be so
is that why
there’s soul food
what happens
to little souls
the ones that
never get
a chance
to grow up
the ones still pure
unstained by life
are they recycled
just thrown away
into some cosmic
dust bin
used as landfill
for the abyss
they just fall
as snow
the collective
frozen tears
at summer’s

23 thoughts on “i was just wondering….

  1. Brilliant as always. It is nice to know whenever I click on a link to one of your poems I will either have my breath taken away by your skills in manipulating the language or my heart broken by the injustices chronicled here that tell of a life lived in the messy fortunes of the day. Wonderful read, always a pleasure.


  2. A lovely poem, with a little whimsicality thrown in. What happens to little souls is one reason I couldn’t run fast enough from my born-into, born-again religion… Love the closing metaphor.

  3. This is so very beautiful charles, if you are talking in metaphors then its a thing worth wondering. If you are talking in real, well then i dont belive in souls being a different entity, it just stays inside us till we die and then i believe it just loses itself, either vanishes or merges with earth/energies.

  4. Charles, big subject! What about souls being different sizes…hmmm? Apparently there’s soul differences in age and evolutionary stage.

    But if energy cannot be created or destroyed, how does “age” factor in?

    Maybe Cockburn has some insights :):

  5. Thanks for clearing up the origin of soul food. Brilliant poem. That line made me chuckle, though the imagery throughout makes me think of a spiritual wasteland, or landfill. Poignant poetry.

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