28 thoughts on “no fracking way…

  1. Oh goodness this could be in a magazine

    sadly we are killing people everyday with the stuff in the water

    Great work as always Charlie

  2. charles, just a little fyi –
    when you have your poems on the image itself,
    it’s a good idea to type out the poem… bots don’t read them!!! so you aren’t getting some readers!!!
    just looking’ out for ya!

  3. And here, I simply HAVE TO ask: What came first? The image or the poem? Seriously, the picture is so darned perfect for your powerfully stinging words, Charles…
    There is nothing quite like some morbid dark humor when it comes relating disturbing and mind numbing realities!

  4. LOL!!!!!! I love no smoking in the shower! What a great reference to the folks who CAN set their water on fire after their water supply has been ‘fracked’! THANK YOU, Charles, for wrapping the explolsive truth with laughter.

  5. Wow. This one is simply amazing. I have heard of lakes on fire…and not your standard biblical prophecy kind, rather the chemical fertilizer kind in Mid West towns. But this, this is some new atrocity to consider. Thanks.

  6. You often visit me, so I thought I’d return the favor.


    This poem hit close to home because one of my daughters recently graduated from Pitt, still lives in the area, and this is one of her causes.

    Take care,

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