corporate dining…

 the caramelized words
on his plate
made him quite queasy
he had eaten crow before
but this
was different
this was something
served up by a committee
that he was to accept
without question
or reflection
it was the company’s stew
and even though it was raw
or at best
he was required
to accept it if he wanted
another meal
a good boy
he was forced to swallow it
along with
his pride

During the next few days, I will be on holiday…yes again…so I will be posting very few comments on your blogs…however I shall continue to post new poems here and hope that you will enjoy them.  Until then, cheers!

17 thoughts on “corporate dining…

  1. Perfect said !! I am glad i have not really been in such situation yet .. Have a good vacation ! Will miss you but not until you stop posting here 🙂

    Cheers !

  2. This is a brilliant portrayal of corporate world. How can you master so many versatile topics so perfectly?

    God bless your muse and your pen my dear friend. Thanks for sharing all these priceless poems with us.

  3. That is a staggeringly good satire/protest against the vainglorious ‘root, hog, or die’ ethic of the times. Apologies if I am reading too much into this, but the combination of subdued anger simmering underneath social platitudes and the need to, as you put it, continue eating, make for a poignant image. Very strong voice in this poem; I wish I could get half the silent agony you illustrate in this poem into one of mine! Thanks for posting this.


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