15 thoughts on “war…

  1. I love it. Are there any techniques that you have left to try? Given your boundless creativity, I’m sure that they will keep appearing. Keep up the great work, but enjoy your trip.

  2. war is the greatest curse on human civilisation, i wish and pray we can build a warless society.

    skipping the video, war is one thing that always depresses me.

  3. exploring and he jumped from the edge
    of the page to that area where you
    leave yourself
    barer and purer…
    he checks his ankles to look for dirt, when
    we really know he’s wondering if we’ll still like him when
    we hear his voice, or was that someone else?

    Loved how you shifted my thinking of you, Charles!
    Loved your poem War and how you present it… you, rouge, bohemian, you!!!

  4. Wow, I know I must have said this before, but that is truly awesome, as reading and as presentation.

    “encircled by a dying planet
    that doesn’t give
    a damn”

    actually gave me shivers…

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