i don’t want to grow up…

no need to stand
outside my door
i will not come out
into your reality
i’m much safer here
inside my dreams
wrapped warm and comfy
in my delusions of the world
the ones i read about
where love is the rule
and hope soars
higher than the sky
so please
 stop knocking on my door
i need no bulletins
or promises of salvation
for that i have
without your help
so be on your way
to someone
who refuses
to dream
that all


24 thoughts on “i don’t want to grow up…

  1. Great poem that prompts me to consider both the security of being wrapped up in fantasy and solicitations from others who may enter your doorway in hope of finding “moral support.” Excellent reading too! Cheers

  2. Stern, yet sweet! Hard, yet dreamy! Yes, that’s the way it should be!! That’s the way life should be lived!!

    On the other hand, this “salesperson” just doesn’t seem to be getting the message..isn’t it!? 😉

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