time for a fitness center…

oh america
you’ve gotten
way too fat
you need to head
to the gym
maybe for a swim
since you’re already
in the deep end
of world politics
or perhaps you might
lift some weights
off the shoulders of your poor
and then try a spinning class
instead of dishing out
a plate of lies to us
or you could go cycling outside
of your self interest
or you could try yoga
instead of stretching the facts
about the mythical financial recovery
which is no more than a treadmill of hope
and you’ll need to curb
your appetite
for foreign oil
but with a little
you could become lean
not so mean

23 thoughts on “time for a fitness center…

  1. Your poems are always interesting. I don’t often comment but I visit every day to read what you have decided to share.

    You and the White Buffalo Woman are reigniting my enjoyment of poetry – something I had forgotten. Thank you so much 🙂 It’s a pleasant part of my day.

  2. Curious and strong statement.. Wish how many politicians will get to this, but I wish your poem got more footage 😀 Somebody needs to twist their ears already!!


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