more washington rumors….


oh for the love of god
i need to get packing
i heard some folks
in washington
are gonna
repeal medical coverage
to help pay the bills
and then the 13th amendment
something about needing
cheap labor
so i need to get
my things in order
but where will i go
i can’t head for reservations
cause they’re checking
lineage if there’s a casino
and if there’s no casino
the 13th has
already been repealed
i could go to france
since i’m not a gypsy
i’d be okay in israel
since i only have one
or two arab friends
but on second thought
they have army draft
and i couldn’t shoot
anyone who looked like me
you know having
eyes, mouth, nose,etc.
i’m not japanese
so i could go china
but not germany
germany’s already said
diversity’s dead
england’s out
our rules came
from there first
maybe I could
just hitch a ride
on one of those
space shuttles

21 thoughts on “more washington rumors….

  1. but don’t expect to return, word is
    they’re shutting that down too!
    the good new is, the sky isn’t falling
    and they still sell cheaper tickets for the matinee.
    sorry… this just had me thinking about what to do,
    where to go and i decided to take the route of humor,
    like you, ’cause laughter’s never let me down.
    >thumb up! Denise<

  2. I hope the world leaders and hatred mongerers read the truth hidden in your poem.

    the way we squabble like school kids space is the only place that will accept us without judgment.

  3. great stuff. I love poems that get to the heart of socio/geopolitics and make a real statement. So what happened with the election? The Republicans won in both houses? And they want to change the HCR back again and what’s with the casinos and the 13th Amendment? Only Native Americans allowed casinos now or something? Uh… how about stop spending billions on war in the Middle East? Bush was such an idiot

    Greta poem… could have use a line-break or two though (no biggie, but would have aided readability and made it appear more ‘crafted’ on the page, probably. Hell, what do I know..)


    Luke @ WordSalad

  4. “Only a poet can capture the essence of chaos.” Ronald Coase, Nobel laureate

    You, Charles, are an adept at capturing that essence.

    Loved this:

    and i couldn’t shoot
    anyone who looked like me
    you know having
    eyes, mouth, nose,etc.

    That is one awesome photo!

  5. Well said! The future looks alarming. But we have been down this road before and we are still here. But consider Brazil, the laws are tough but no one pays any attention to them…

  6. I hear the penguins are friendly up north – but then the polar bears are a bit iffy

    very nice. I have a room on the moon

    Moonie smiles

    happy weekend – I’m in my fav city this wkend

  7. I absolutely love the lines about different countries and the problems they already have. Borders are becoming less and less important these days, yet they should become more important. Interesting words that shed a different light on this.

  8. Amen to all that. Know what you mean about the ‘rules from England’ – we’re still living with ’em, and the people who make ’em! Save me a seat on that shuttle, Charles, I’m coming along too!

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