no need…

Photograph by CWMartin

as i went about
my usual errands
i came to an old house
an even older man
was outside
tending to his chores
working to free
a rusty door
moving with a lifetime of pain
the cost of all his years
i called out
would you like some help
no need he said
the good lord
will provide
all my daily breads
as i walked away
i looked to the sky
wondering why
i had been

16 thoughts on “no need…

  1. Hah!! I have asked myself that question many a time… and although the answer doesn’t surface immediately, sooner or later, it does… can’t say I am always happy with that answer though .. 🙂

    Your poem here is real food for thought!! It’s beautiful!

  2. This is one of those writings that you really have to think about, but not spend too long a time on, or with too much brain-strain… for I think, the answers will come in their due time. (this is how I take this) It’s well written and left open in all the right places, Charles!

  3. Like the story about the guy who prayed for God to save him from the flood and God sent a truck, a boat, a helicopter… but the guy kept refusing help saying God would save him. Finally the guy drowned, went to heaven and said God, why didn’t you help? And God said, I tried three times, but you kept just saying no!

  4. A human being comes to the earth with a mission but the puzzling thing is that it remains always unknown till the last breath……… need worrying upon it…..a nice poem.

    Martyn, please do not misunderstand me. For the last few days frankly speaking, my computer went on a strike and I had to search for a second-hand that also is in a pathetic condition. That was why i couldn’t go through the poems in time, still the handicap remains and I have to wait for at least one month to get my computer serviced in far away State where that company’s office is situated. I am awaiting its return and iam very much happy to inform you that your Diwali greetings have arrived today itself. Please bear with me for the lapse on my part.

    My Diwali greetings to you also…


  5. seen it happen so many times, we should be wary of them but be sympathetic to them.

    its really tough to be truly religious/spiritual in a material world, one in a million succeed to pull it through out their live.

    the best we can hope for is their beautiful blending. thats what i try.

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