sacrifice of the wicked….


A Classic Art ChallengeHere we are at the final round of another poetry challenge between my good friend  Jade and myself. This time, the writing has been prompted by five paintings, ranging from classical to modernist. We hope you have enjoyed this as much as we have!

Today’s painting is:  The Sacrifice of Isaac by Caravaggio

who is this god
of yours
that continues
to ask
that our youth
be sent into battle
as if
merely casting
sand into the eyes of death
is your god
so weak
that the strength
of mortal men
is needed to defend
his heavenly fortress
is this sacrifice
for a god
or men
men who have made
a god
in their
own image

22 thoughts on “sacrifice of the wicked….

  1. I love the last sentence: ” men who made a god in their own image”
    You are so spiritual Charlie!
    Love your poem!
    I am enjoying your challenge with Jade:)

  2. Funny was just talking to someone last night about this general topic. Your poem reflects my long held view. Beautiful poem! 🙂

  3. is this sacrifice
    for a god
    or men
    men who have made
    a god
    in their
    own image

    Whenever i read mythological stories i agree with these words again and again.

    My heart believes in a God beyond form and gender, made of only love for every being. I dont believe in punishing God. I believe in divine justice- and human beings dont deliver that.

  4. Thought provoking.
    ‘men who have made
    a god
    in their
    own image’ I liked these lines. I am amused by how people define God according to their definition.
    Another brilliant poem. Totally love this challenge of yours. 😀

  5. What I always thought about religion…things done in the name God by men do not necessarily represent God. They’re just things done by men in the name of God.

    Beautiful poem!! ❤

  6. Hi Charles and Jade .. sorry hit a busy patch and so haven’t been able to keep up .. but I do look forward to the next series – this is so interesting ..

    & the conversation .. so true .. I’ll pay more attention next time .. enjoy the week .. Hilary

  7. My grandmother had an enormous bible I loved to look at because it had prints of famous biblical paintings. One of my favorites was on this very scene. It evoked similar feelings to your very powerful poem. This is one of my favorites of your writing. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. I am having difficulty following much of anything here, apparently, as I see that this was penned long ago. But that is my issue. This is POWERFUL. TRUE. EXCELLENT. SPEAKS TO me.

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