lovers’ thoughts…

A Classic Art ChallengeHere we are at the third round of another poetry challenge between my good friend  Jade and myself. This time, the writing will be prompted by five paintings, ranging from classical to modernist. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do!

Today’s painting is: The Kiss by Odd Nerdrum

a kiss
a single moment
every moment
that we have ever
every dream
that we
have ever


27 thoughts on “lovers’ thoughts…

  1. not a single moment (hopefully not)

    love the combination of great art and great poetry

    looking forward to it

    moon smiles

    have a great week

  2. Hey Charlie,
    I have been reading your wonderful poems with Jade. I am so loving this passion in your poem! It is very moving!
    and sexy lololol
    I am back to the blog world now, but I am having tough times adjusting to my new world.

  3. What a beautiful poem! – a masterpiece. Deeply romantic, and yet it transcends romanticism. At this level ‘kiss’ could be seen as truly synonymous with ‘love’ in its purist form.

  4. The words are powerful, strong. They give justice to the things we pin on a kiss, but I also agree with Cindy. Painting = creepy.

  5. You have painted the words perfectly to fit the image…I also find it very sensual and romantic. Who said you can’t write about love and passion? Love it Charlie 🙂 Big hugs xx

  6. Nice Stuff! Black power is the love expressed between the Black Man and the Black women. We must love the inner and outer beauty that we have among us and only then we shall go strong. I enjoyed reading this work of art.


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