dear registered voter…

the voting commission
regrets to inform you
that your request
for further information
on the candidates
based on the
freedom of  information act
has been denied
the commission
wishes to remind you
that press photos
of each of the candidates
have been provided
with some photoshopping
by the respective campaign offices
we must remind you
candidates also have rights
revealing their political affiliation
agenda if elected
level of experience governing
or their true idenity
would place the candidates
in jeopardy
risk of lost votes
further you
as a member of the voting public
do not have the appropriate
security clearance
for that level of information
we recommend
that you study carefully
the press photos of the candidates
their family
and pets
and make your selection
as you have done
in the past

24 thoughts on “dear registered voter…

  1. its better than indian votes. where people facing multiple murder charges stand as candidates (and win).

    you may confuse the list of candidates with “Wanted criminal” list of the state.

  2. Bravo bravo bravo!!!!!
    Every year I SWEAR TO GOD not to go out and vote again – and then I always end up giving in. It’s just that in Romania if you don’t go to vote, your voter’s bulletin is ‘used’ by the members of the supervising committee in favor of whichever of the candidates bribed them most. Fun, isn’t it?
    Today our trade unions nationwide are on strike in Bucharest – or so they hope. Our president Traian Basescu – who modified the results of the last election overnight (literally) in order to win, has ordered the police forces to stop any bus bringing trade union members to the capital. And THIS is called democracy and being part of the EU.
    I could barf out loud!!!!

  3. Very interesting-guessing this is based on a real case of denial of the freedom of info request? You’re right though…a lot of people are afraid to admit it but they vote on gut feelings not information

  4. Hmmm… cynical are we, Charles? And who is in charge of putting them in identical suits and giving them identical haircuts for the “look”? Sleep tight, voting public…

  5. Wow… I liked the sarcasm here. Very hilarious for a new voter like me in a new democratic country. We have had our first election in 2008. I hope my county’s voters learn to choose wisely. Really loved this poem Charles, like always. 😀

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