none of my business…

Image by Malia Autio

now you know
i’m not one to talk
and lord knows
i cannot tolerate
people who run around
spreading stories
may lee
the woman who does my nails
said her cousin
who works with her
was having a hissy fit
about how hard it was
to get into the daughters of
of the revo
was it the french revolution
or the german revolution
i just can’t remember right now
but i’ll recall it in a minute
so there they were at the gym
naked as a bluejay in the sauna
and her cousin says
she had eye surgery
no not lazec
plastic surgery
so she wouldn’t have those
chinese eyes
as she calls them
well then she says
she found these old documents
in the attic of the house
that proved her great great great grandfather
had fought for the winning side
of some war somewhere
so she got to be
oh yes
now i recall
one of the daughters of the
illusion of success

23 thoughts on “none of my business…

  1. Brilliant, plays out like a movie scene.
    Incidentally, have you seen the film The Women? It’s very amusing and the plot is generated by an indiscreet manicurist.

  2. That my friend is too perfect
    What a great statement about people who don’t know what they are talking about

    It’s very depictive and accurate

    Moonie smiles

  3. wow, it’s as if you were inhaling too much of that glue that they yse for the nails, but morelike someone who can glimpse through the window of a chinese woman who knows things about people!!!
    >i smile!!!<

  4. This is a poem with lots of strong feelings/points I think. There is the gossip aspect (Which I agree with Cindy that it reminds me of that classic hollywood gossip-themed movie “The Women”), there is the aspect of changing yourself to be more acceptable to others and fit in, then there is that very human desire to belong to a group. What this poem reminds me the most of though is the last one – everyone needs a group to belong to…and who is to judge another for the group they want to belong to? I’ve met so many people who negatively viewed other groups when the particular group they belonged to had just as many predjuidaces and judgementalness than the one they condemned. Different people have different interests…but that doesn’t make any person’s interests any worse nor any better than anothers. (Unless those interests are illegal of course! LOL)


  5. Isn’t it funny how the same people who can’t “tolerate people who run around spreading stories” tend to be the ones to spread them? The picture of nails is downright scary.

    …one of the daughters of the
    illusion of success

    Fine form, as always.

  6. This poem is simply wonderful! I don’t even know where to begin. You are so gifted with the tone and voice of your writing. I feel like I am sitting in the room having my own nails done…except I don’t do that. War, gossip, vanity, heresy, sex. Beautiful work. – Sue

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