classified information…

could you tell me
no i shall not
but it’s just that
no i will not
but why not
it’s a government secret
but i thought that
you thought what
only 4 or 5 perent were
were what
real government secrets
so why not tell me
because of what
yes my power over you
i’ll pay
how much
twenty dollars
alright but no credit
down the hall to your left
that’s it
yes the restroom is there

20 thoughts on “classified information…

  1. Once again, beautiful poem! Appeals to the olfactory senses, of course. Nothing like the sweet smell of success behind closed doors (I think). Hmmm.

  2. twenty dollars for showing the restroom? sounds just like indian govt employees heh heh.

    brilliant poem.

    i believe in right to information firmly. why will govt hide most of the things from us? thats one thing i dont understand.

    • Secrecy is a form of control…by limiting your knowledge they can control the population better…the development of this way of governing and warfare has a very long history. Sun Tzu was giving advice 500 years before Christ on its military uses according to John R. Saul.

  3. I have to laugh… I had a job that I was told “don’t let the public use the restroom!”, as though it were a sacred, top-secret place where only the Exhaulted Employee could go to consult, conspire and connect with the Almighty Tidy Bowl Man!!!

  4. *chuckle* ok – I laughed (couldn’t help it)

    The nation really is moved by a collective bladder (it is a close held secret though)

    I have often thought that the music they play in public places (mall, restaurant, GOV offices) is designed to stimulate our internal urge to mark our territory – then calculated to obstruct the same urge by reminding us that we are at the mercy of a higher power…

    The X-files should have delved deeper.


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