my aunt bea…

aunt bea
sometimes gets
so when
i stopped by
to see if she’d planted
the seeds we brought home
i wasn’t surprised
that they were sitting
on a table in the kitchen
but i asked
aunt bea
don’t you know
that those seeds need
to be taken care of
you just can’t bring them home
and let them sit around
without doing something
more for them
she said
i know
why haven’t you
she said
i’m treating them

22 thoughts on “my aunt bea…

  1. To echo the late George Carlin, I’d say “When you’re pre-born you’re right, when you’re pre-school – you’re fucked!” Once we’re out there no one really gives a damn anymore…

  2. Brilliant ending. Aunt Bea reminds me of my mother – can seem mighty confused at times but then comes out with these dead-on, bull’s-eye observations. I have sometimes wondered if the confusion is an act…

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