please leave a message…

thanks for calling
the un peace keepers
at the present time
all of our peace keepers
are busy serving
in other countries
if you would leave
a brief message
describing the nature
of the atrocities
relevancy of the conflict
to developed world powers
the impact on the global economy
please also indicate whether or not
there is any human interest angles
for major media conglomerates
your case will be reviewed
in the order that it was received
into the world crisis cue
you are currently
caller number 40
please fight on
for whatever
since your conflict
may be of interest
to us

20 thoughts on “please leave a message…

  1. I believe this poem is original, deep and so true. Thanks for writing. At the present time too many people are busy surviving the crisis in their countries… Please keep on writing for whatever you believe in since your poems are of interest to us.

  2. Great reading, each line brilliant through word choice… makes me wonder about the number of calls and the reality of describing atrocities to an automated service.

  3. So true that news is more likely to be reported if it gets on the media bandwaggon… thus those people with the smaller voices, gentler souls, and less representation, get overlooked.

  4. the phone calls were really coming in mind today, weren’t they? I wish there always really was someone on the other end of the line to take care of all these woes… Heartspell

  5. Goodness you nailed that one. But C when don’t you???

    Hope the UN reads this so they can nail… well something

    Happy Monday

    Moonie smiles

  6. I’m working my way through all the posts since I subscribed using the new subscription system. Intimidating, but I like keeping them near until I can read them. Unfortunately, that’s been quite a wait for me. ANYWAY, here I am and I love this one. Timely and sassy. Two very nice traits. Thanks for sharing it.

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