belo monte…

18 thoughts on “belo monte…

  1. Well you tackle the social issues with fortitude.
    Can I take lessons???

    Really a powerful statement my friend

    Have a great weekend too

    moonie smiles

  2. Excellent poem – dams are such an emotive issue (combining water and electricity is even more controversial – when the oil runs out and water is more expensive than oil, I’m figuring that there will be civil wars a plenty over access to water and other forms of energy).

  3. Some people just dont realize it, do they? I truly respect the way you write Charles. You are one of the rare writers who write for noble causes.

    God bless your beautiful, noble heart and give your pen more and more eloquence every day.

  4. Amazing commentary. You really hit the issue with this one Martin. I think they should make light plate covers with this written on it like in the picture, would maybe remind people what needs to be done.

  5. Profound, pithy and powerful. Very well put together – the perpetrators, sanctimonious over the fact that it brings water, avoid mentioning costs far more reaching than dollars and cents.

  6. We are rather wasteful, aren’t we? Of lives as well as resources. Too bad we haven’t learned anything in the last few hundred years.

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