a question of taste…

Tam O'Shanter and the Witches by Artist John Faed (1892)

i’ve begun
to wonder
about the difference
celebrating life
desperate for life
both wish
to savour
the flavors
on life’s table
and to drink
deeply from
the chalice
of gaiety
but one seems
a connoisseur
and the other
a hungry pauper

21 thoughts on “a question of taste…

  1. Very valid thoughts in this poem. I feel that long ago I was one of the hungry paupers you portray. That was not a good time in my life so this poem really brings back a lot of near forgotten memories for me. But it also reminds me that people who want to change can change…but it takes time.

  2. None, I believe.
    I think I’ve had too much of life’s sweetness at some point, threw up as a result and am staying away from the feast from now on :-))))

    What about yourself, Charlie? 😉

  3. Seems like lately I’ve been desperate for life. To feel something to have a reason for existence. And there is a fine cloth of emotions that can be hide the secrets of one’s heart. You’ve separated the hungry from the fulfilled. Calling out what many miss.

  4. That was amazing use of imagery to underlie your theme. Ending on a question that relates so tightly to your premise made for a thrilling read. Great poem, very intense exposition of philosophical questions of differentiation.


  5. Perhaps the expert judge in matters of taste has had it all and is now desperate that life has nothing more to offer, while the very poor person celebrates every simple taste life tosses his way… 🙂 Heartspell

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