a strange gift…


she was brought here
as a child
so many years ago
away from her village
and the toys of her childhood
to become a child toy
for nameless men
who entered her room at night
taking what they wanted
each time stealing a bit of her
leaving her void of emotions
some of the men would return
week after week
year after year
of those who returned this night
she had offtered them
something special
if they would bring her a gift
a gift that she defined
a small tank of gas
for winter was coming
some duct tape
to seal the windows
from winter’s chill
and one strange gift
an old pilot’s mask
perhaps for decoration
as each left this night
satisfied by her
more than usual
smiled at them
a wry smile
but a smile
when the night was through
she took her last sustiva
smiled again
what they
did not know
taping the mask
to the tank
fell into a deep
eternal sleep

26 thoughts on “a strange gift…

  1. I could feel the hurt inside her, was so saddened by her incredible pain. This poem touches one’s soul. This must have been so difficult for you to write. I know that she found peace in the end

  2. Feels like a tragic poem of “Death [In The Air]” as depicted in a Nazi [pilot] gas mask and something about immuno-suppressing chemtrails.

  3. thats so sad..

    you had me going for a while with the gifts…

    i was thinking of things she would do with them,

    but it didnt click until it was too late (the end).

    Great Writting.

  4. 😦

    When I think about how these things happen behind closed doors…I think about what’s wrong with our world and what the hell is wrong with us…

    Thanks for sharing.

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