love is hell…

it is not the lack of love
in the human heart
that brings one
to styx’s shores
love is the tormentor
bringing into one’s life
hopelessness and suffering
when unrequited
and sorrow and destruction
when it departs
the heart
and even when
shared between two
it is
a passion
that cannot
be quenched
by a single touch
unsatisfied desires reign
day and night
in the souls
of the young lovers
and with age
those who truly love
find no rest
from its burning passion
it is
a bottomless pit
this thing called


Point-Counter Point Challenge:  For those of you have been following the challenges between Jade and I, you are aware that several challenges have taken place over the course of the last few months.  This time, the challenge was to be initiated by me and I decided to change the rules a little…well a lot.  Here’s how it works this time.  Each poet provides the other poet with  five quotations that must be addressed from the opposite point of view as the original quote. Here is the second quote that Jade provided to me: “What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love”  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

30 thoughts on “love is hell…

  1. You know what, am just going to leave a smile everytime i read you, unless i have something worthy to say .. your words leave me lost among them …

    PS : Is there any way, i can be a part of your challenges Martin !!

  2. How we see the world, and love, fluctuates with the moody moon-tide of our emotions. Humans can be insatiably bitter, selfish and disgruntled beasts but we can also be the most loving creatures, a web of selflessness.
    The most worthwhile causes (love) are often the most difficult or heart-wrenching.
    Great write and fun challenge!

  3. love as bottomless pit? or love as endless wellspring? interesting that this reads as ‘half glass empty’, but you can still read ‘half glass full’ into it 🙂

  4. Like is so much easier than love, isn’t it? My opinion is that running away from love never saved me heartache…so might as well embrace love and if wounds occur, well at least I loved as well as I could – better than what-Ifs.
    A very strong poem! 🙂

  5. Well, love is this balance between passion and pain. Hell consumes most of us. Maybe love is a dream deferred. Again, your poetry scorched our wings with light, giving us sustenance. Your thoughts and expressions possess herculean powers. Indeed, The photos images add flavor to your poetry, capturing a superb imagination . Well done.

  6. This is truly what I have experienced in my life. I was married for 15 years (almost). Since then, I’ve had several “loves.” I’ve come to understand, in my world (the world of yoga-meditation) that the relationships have often taken me to styx’s shores. Well, practically every time! lol I laugh now…

    But, also, I have been transported, practically every time, to a higher plateau of … well, awareness in life. I can see things I didn’t see before, feel things I didn’t feel before. It’s “tantric yoga” for sure. Not what people usually think of when they hear that term.

    Quite a ride, love is, like your poetry, Charles! 🙂

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