die laughing…

Point-Counter Point Challenge:  For those of you have been following the challenges between Jade and I, you are aware that several challenges have taken place over the course of the last few months.  This time, the challenge was to be initiated by me and I decided to change the rules a little…well a lot.  Here’s how it works this time.  Each poet provides the other poet with  five quotations that must be addressed from the opposite point of view as the original quote.  So here we go…here is the first quote that Jade provided to me:  “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” Oscar Wilde

die laughing…

the thin veneer
of laughter
disguised the crowds intent
for before this day
would be done
the poison of hatred
would pierce their skins
and flow like
into their veins
and they would
be transformed
into a mob
a serpent without a head
no logic nor reason
nor sense of right or wrong
just the urge to kill
to rise up against
the humor of reality
and grasp the throat
of truth
until its breath
is no more
and the deed
of murder
would be done
and truth
would have died

17 thoughts on “die laughing…

  1. Truth would have died laughing… I love this line! It’s been trying to die for a couple of centuries now. But then there’s always people like Charlie who shake it back to life. Great opening for the challenge!!!

  2. Mob mentality is a scary thing. I think a lot mire of it gies on than we realize, it’s just harder to spot when it’s not the outwardly, out-of-control kind. Enjoyed your poem

  3. I like this so much! It reads with the intensity of a furious mob in my mind, although your thoughtful recitation brings out the sorrow above the anger. Great write!

  4. Haven’t been here for a while…very powerful poem! I loved all the poignant metaphors: the quicksilver, the headless serpent…and the very last line just gave me a twisted feeling inside. Awwwwesome! Thanks for sharing. :]

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