dust devils…

when i walk
along these trails
there’ll be a swirl of dust
any appreciable breeze
i’m certain
it’s just some
thermal anomaly
i would swear
just for an instant
i see a face
within the pattern of dust
a set of sad eyes
peering out at me
with such a
wanting look
that i feel
a heaviness
like someone
or something
so ancient
was crying out to me
of course
i know that
couldn’t be
i mean that whole
dust to dust thing
is just a poetic

20 thoughts on “dust devils…

  1. I sometimes see things which are not actually there… It’s been happening to me for years and still scares me to death every time it happens.

  2. You know Charles, your words touched me…I have this thing with clouds…forever think I see something or someone crying out…have to say (and I said it 100 times before) your voice adds soooo much to your words…wonderful to hear on this rainy Sunday afternoon:) Thanks my friend..have a good one too 🙂 xxx

  3. I am sure that if you see those sad eyes, they are crying out to you because they know you will listen… to dust we shall return…lovely thoughts invoked in this poem. Heartspell

  4. You have a keen eye to match your sharp pen, my friend. Thought-provoking as ever – and I especially love the final four lines.

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