puzzling the rainforest frog in the yard…

oh i’m certain
there ain’t no global warming
cuz i read in the church bulletin
it said
quite clearly
that god would
take care of us
so how could there be
global warming
some things
are startin’
bother me
like all those fires
and floods
all over the world
and why i’m
seeing creatures
in my neighborhood
that usually live
way down south
i’m not worried
well maybe
a little
but lord knows
at least
i hope she does

25 thoughts on “puzzling the rainforest frog in the yard…

  1. God helps those who help themselves. 🙂

    awesome poem charles. I too am a bit worried by unnatural behaviour of mother earth.

    we have abused her for too long, if we dont mend our ways we will be soon drifting in space as ghosts 🙂 not as space travellers.

  2. Too many rainforest frogs in the backyard everytime it rains… where they come from, is a mystery or is it nature playing a game… while we sit and wonder the aftermath of this blunder… life takes a toll and we all turn to cinder… but the businesses continue… the politicos still chew… every dime in every step of crime… till we gestate with over-consumption of our only home, earth!

  3. Great photoshop work! I love the poem – picture combination. They are both very good. If only there was a “she” capable of fixing it. I think we all better start adapting to a different world.

  4. I am most curious about your use of “she” representing god/lord… or is it a Mother Earth thing?
    (i only say this because it strikes me that you chose that gender, where, most others tend to the masculine… that’s all.)
    I like how you make it a point to say that you read it in a church bulletin (you could have said that you saw it on the internet)… either way, you’re saying that you BELIEVE because, of course, it isn’t real until it’s read somewhere! >hehehe – spineless people we can be sometimes!<

  5. O, a hit, a direct hit! Score. Of all things, frogs out of their usual places. I encountered a treefrog just the other night where I would never expect one–on the glass window of the apt entranceway. It was really odd seeing it plastered there about a third of the way up from the ground. SO–I can really relate to the literal content of your poem. Yes, I LIKE this one very very much! Merci.

  6. Well…I ain’t worried a bit, cause I live a way up hyur in ese mount’ns and I’d rilly like some sea shore close by the trailer.

    Well thought and well written, Charles.

    And yes…I live in a trailer 😉

  7. ha! good one. the picture is stunning… drew me in… the read was amusing… in a sad sorta “the truth hurts” kinda way…

    I almost had a discussion not so long ago with a woman regarding global warming. She was looking for a fight… tole me global warming was a farce. I told her to go tell it to the polar bear floatin’ on the ice cube…


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