lone wolf’s lament…

this is not the place
that was your father’s
these woods hold
bones older than
your history
each tree marks
a fallen warrior
black elk knew of them
calling upon the spirits
to receive their brothers
and sisters in death
to guide them safely
to a land of peace
not one of war
nor into stolen mountains
flowing with streams of tears
nor torched prairie villages
now no more than smoke
carried away in the night
only brother wolf
was left
to lament
as the funeral
passed by
to an unwanted
away from
this sacred

21 thoughts on “lone wolf’s lament…

  1. And now my fear of those woods is even more pronounced!
    Old stories have always scared me… all those wrongdoings back then stirred up my senses… and now, it’s all revived!!

    What a poem!!! Loved the analogy as well!! Stark and intense!

  2. Oooo I like it. I can hear the howling, smell the loamy soil. and sense something as old as time.

    Nice my poetic friend

    smiles from the Moon

  3. So moving and emotional…and the native american aspect to it, including the mention of black elk, drew me immediately to a wonderful book known as “Black Elk Speaks.” Truly a splendid book, if one can handle the horrors that were visited on their people.

    Very thoughtful piece, with some profound statements. Great stuff.

  4. we really screwed the native americans over. maybe im wrong, but for all the horrible things done to them since the US has taken over their land, they have retained their dignity. this poem taps into that. there is no lashing out. there is resignation, but not acceptance.

  5. I normally don’t bother analyzing poetry on anything other than a gut impulse but I really liked the pacing of this one.

    There, I said it and became a little bit more nerdish.

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