for a fee…

that tarnished
halo of yours
can be repaired
whether you’re
a recovering alcoholic
a mass murder
or a politician
it really doesn’t matter
our ad agency
and attorneys
can do the job
we of course start
with you
finding god
one appropirate
to the country of origin
setup some
commerical prayers
where the public
can inadvertently
see you
with the right
we recreate
your halo
add a divine
or two
an instant

23 thoughts on “for a fee…

  1. I really can’t find words to express my liking for this one. All that we see around could be the efforts to frame a border on our faiths and belief.

  2. Your message here is amazing! You have painted such a powerful image of what is wrong with a society revolving around money!! The form of breaking down at the end also fits nicely with this.

  3. Money can buy almost anything and ‘spin’ can sell almost anything. It’s such a shame that this is the way that the world works. A great poem, thanks.

    Chloe xx

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